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WHAT is digriot?


Digital Riot (www.digriot.com) was founded in 2013 by Founder & Editor-in-Chief Josip Bognar. We are an independent portal which covers today's most popular topics such as Movie and Film news, TV Shows, Animation, Comic books, Mangas, Technology, Science, Video Games, Security and many other related topics.

Part of our work is to make reviews about all kind of products, media, studies and present them to readers. We also want to be at disposal for all independent developers and help them show their work to wider audience. Nowadays various website's publish articles on the net and majority of them are just piled on the heap. We want to be a filter and a web-hub for all those who love trendy online news.

We wish everyone a pleasant stay on our site 🙂

Our goal:

We aim to be a recognizable brand and meeting place for people and fans of today's most popular trends.

How do we finance Digital Riot webpage?

As an independent portal, we are primarily financed through the AdSense advertising and affiliate marketing whose banners can be seen on our site. If you want to help us, you can make it so that whenever you want to buy a game, click on the banner that will direct you to their webpage.They always have a great discounts on various game titles so you will surely find something for yourself.


web: http://www.cctvylle.com, Project title: EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL: CCTVYLLE Comic, Article link: http://www.digriot.com/everything-control-cctvylle-comic/

Juhu Games
web: http://juhugames.com, Project title: Arcanox from Juhu Games – Review, Article link: http://www.digriot.com/arcanox-juhu-games-review/

Phoenix Angels Studios
web: http://www.phoenixangelsstudios.com, Project title: The amazing world of Devil’s Legacy, Article link: http://www.digriot.com/amazing-world-devils-legacy/

web: http://www.phoenixangelsstudios.com, Project title:Campaign for Devil’s Legacy Anime Launched, Article link:http://www.digriot.com/campaign-for-devils-legacy-anime-launched/

Actuality Press
web:http://www.actualitypress.com, Project title: Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman – Dark New Year, Article link: http://www.digriot.com/dark-new-year-cabra-cini-voodoo-junkie-hitwoman/

Seclusion Production
web: http://www.seclusionfilm.com, Project title: The Trailer for ‘Seclusion’ and Preview, Article link: http://www.digriot.com/trailer-seclusion-preview/

Secretion Media
web: http://www.underverse.org, Project title: Eye on Game – 'Secretion', Article link: http://www.digriot.com/eye-game-secretion/

Interactive Project
web: http://interactiveproject.com, Project title: Game Review: OverVolt, Article link: http://www.digriot.com/game-review-overvolt/

Pajamas Team

web:N/A, Project title: Game Review : ‘Luminous’, Article link:http://www.digriot.com/game-review-luminous/ 

Project title:Review of ‘Dandelion Puff’ from Pajamas Team, Article link:http://www.digriot.com/review-of-dandelion-puff-from-pajamas-team/

Dave Cook and Chris O'Toole

Web: https://bustcomic.wordpress.com, Project title: ´Bust´ comic from Dave Cook and Chris O’Toole, Article link:http://www.digriot.com/bust-comic-dave-cook-chris-otoole/

Jumpbutton Studio

Web:http://www.keeperandthesoldier.com/, Project title:Eye On: Keeper And The Soldier, Article link:http://www.digriot.com/eye-on-keeper-and-the-soldier/

Super Zero Team

Web:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3735572/?ref_=fn_al_tt_2, Project title:Eye on short movie: Super Zero, Article link:http://www.digriot.com/eye-on-short-movie-super-zero/

Lucha Comics

Web:http://luchacomics.com/, Project title:Comic Review: ‘Reality’, Article link:http://www.digriot.com/comic-review-reality/


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