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51st State Futuristic Prison Society Drama from syfy

Syfy has announced a new one-hour drama series 51st State is in development, script will be written by Oscar nominee Craig Borten(Dallas Buyers Club) who will also serve as executive producer with Peter Chernin(Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) and Katherine Pope(New Girl).

In future, the United States is experiencing a large increase in the population of prisoners. The plan was to lease Greenland and converts it into a frontier prison colony with male and female convicts incarcerated together. The prisoners had been promised conditional freedom within the boundaries of the colony, but as often happens, prisoners are driven to the edge of their humanity. This is the place and time when a new heroes emerge and try to fight back.

By reading story mentioned, it reminiscent of John Carpenter‘s “Escape from New York” with Kurt Vogel Russell, who plays the role of Snake Plissken. There is still nothing specific from information given to the public, but certainly this year is good for drama and thrillers, taking into account the series as Gotham.


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