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BANDAI NAMCO to Sponsor EU Cosplay Gathering

European Cosplay Gathering (ECG) will get a big boost from BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe, according Read More

Jul 27
Degica to Launch ‘Visual Novel Maker’ on Steam

Visual Novels are becoming really popular nowadays and to stay up-to-date with trend, Degica has Read More

Jul 2
Blizzard and Facebook Team up to Bring us New Features

Both companies have announced today that they have teamed up to provide gamers around the Read More

Jun 6
Nintendo’s NX game console Release Date Announced

With Q1 report of fiscal year earnings, Nintendo has announced their plans for 2016 and Read More

Apr 27
PC & Gadget
‘Moon Shot’ Official Trailer for Google Lunar XPRIZE is Out

The Google Lunar XPRIZE competition, which started in 2007, will release a series of 9 Read More

Mar 5
Apple is Developing new Wireless-Charging Technology

It seems like Apple's next „holy grail“ will be wireless charging technology that could be Read More

Jan 29
Scientist Proposes Method to Create Gravitational Fields

Prof. André Füzfa of Namur University has released an article – published in the scientific Read More

Jan 16
Holograms That Respond to Human Touch

Team of scientists, led by Prof. Yoichi Ochiai from the University of Tsukuba, have presented Read More

Dec 10
Star Wars Helmets Created By Blank William

If in an alternative universe characters of Star Wars where wild animals, their helmet would Read More

Nov 9
NASA – Speed of Solar Wind Stripping Martian Atmosphere

It has long been known that long time ago Mars had different climatic conditions but Read More

Nov 8
CellRobot – Advanced Modular Robot

Robotics has always been one of the most interesting fields of study, and lately, quite Read More

Oct 16
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