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Check out What you Get When you Mix Dungeons and Aliens

Independent mobile, PC, and console game development studio and game publisher from Warsaw called Kool2Play sp. z.o.o. has just released their new mobile game title featuring dungeons and aliens on AppStore and Google Play. Entitled Dungeons&Aliens, the game combines swipe&slash controls with tower defense and a lot of cartoonish characters(hand-drawn graphic) and it really looks funky.

The story begins with three Dwarven mages returning to their homeland after a long and tiresome journey. All they anticipate is a hot meal, lots of mead, and a comfy bed. The last thing they expect is… an alien invasion! The ancient City of Dwarves, its vast dungeons, and the volcanic caves beneath it are engulfed in panic, chaos, and terror! The hasty Red Mage, the most daring of the trio, teleports himself into the deepest depths of the dungeons, planning to fight his way up. His fellows rush to his aid. As lasers and magic missiles cross paths, an epic war of two worlds ensues!


Dungeons&Aliens features upgradable spells, 60 levels, alien monsters such as slimy grunts and laser-wielding bosses; all this is wrapped in with a comedic mashup of sci-fi and fantasy clichés.

A word from the creators:
“We’ve had a vote in our team to decide if we should make another science-fiction game like Hyperide, or go full fantasy mode. We came to a draw, so it seemed like a natural choice to mash up both genres. Yes, Dungeons&Aliens is a weird sounding title, silly even. Then again – so does Clock Simulator, and the players loved it as much, as we enjoyed making it. At this point we’ve stopped asking ourselves ‘why’ and we’re sticking to ‘why the hell not’ – it’s more fun that way”. – says Michał Marzęcki, the studio lead.

The game is FREE on the AppStore and Google Play.

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