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Cloud Pirates: Allods Online Spin-off Game Announced

Today I found really interesting mail waiting me in my mailbox from the creators of Allods Online(for some known as Russian Warcraft) with an invitation to BETA for Cloud Pirates, spin-off MMO from Allods Online. Those who are new to Allods, along with the traditional MMORPG elements, the game features Astral Universe where you must have a ship to be able to travel to „planets,“ which are basically dungeons. But traveling in the Astral is not so simple, you need to use navigation, have a strong shields, guns, generator, motor and all those items need upgrades and repairs.

In Cloud Pirates, you are a captain of airship, and you need to navigate the clouds to battle rival captains. The game features tons of unique upgrades and weapons that will grant your airships new powerful abilities. Give your ships a fearsome and deadly appearance through numerous visual customization options, and develop your captain & crew. This is refreshing thing for new players, who will have a chance to get into science-fiction / fantasy themed MMO, and the players who have already experienced Astral Universe.



A thousand years ago the world of Sarnaut was split by a cataclysm into countless islands drifting through the Astral space. Before long, people invented flying ships to travel from island to island, and found artifacts & treasures everywhere. Treasure hunters began to form squadrons, and equipped their airships with various weaponry to protect themselves in their hunt for riches. Bands of Cloud Pirates, as people called them, began to fight each other for the right to plunder the skies… Ready your airship, band together with your comrades in arms, and claim what is yours! For profit and glory!

Check out the new trailer and give us your opinion.

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