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DISGAEA 2 Coming to Steam/PC

The world of Veldime from DISGAEA 2 is set to be released to Steam on January 30, 2017. This was announced by subsidiary of Nippon Ichi Software, Inc., NIS America along with the info that they will be holding a week long deal starting on August 22 for Disgaes PC, Disgaea PC- Digital Art Book and Disgaea PC- Digital Dood Edition. The game will be based on the upgraded 2009 release of Disgaea 2 for the PSP featuring three new characters: Dark Eclair, Gig and Miabel.

About the Story:

In the world of Veldime, humans once stood proudly atop the food chain. A harmonious balance of nature and civilization created a utopia for all. But utopias are wont to last, and Veldime fell victim to an evil which swept all to ruin-Overlord Zenon’s curse. The people of Veldime were transformed to demons, and in the 15 years since the curse descended upon them, their memories of being human have dissipated. Veldime has become a netherworld where demonic shouts echo throughout the land. And now, a ritual to summon Overlord Zenon is about to take place in Holt Village.

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