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What to expect when Hard Case Crime and Titan Comics Team Up?

We hope you are ready for a brand new line of comic books from a genre of hardboiled crime novels such as Stephen King, Michael Crichton, Lawrence Block, Mickey Spillane, Ed McBain, Donald E. Westlake, James M. Cain and Max Allan Collins. Whether you love this genre or not, they will come out from a joint workshop of Hard Case Crime and Titan Comics, this was announced by Titan Comics.

Starting from October, Titan's first comic from Hard Case Crime will be Prohibition epic Triggerman by the legendary director of The Warriors, Walter Hill, and neo-noir Peepland from celebrated crime authors Christa Faust and Gary Phillips. Debuting in stores on October 5, Triggerman follows a convict thrown into a life of bloodshed and bullets to save the girl he left behind and Peepland, a neo-noir mini-series with punk elements set in the New York around 1980.

"We are so excited to be steering the Hard Case Crime series into a new frontier," said Ricky Claydon, Direct Sales & Marketing Manager at Titan Comics. "We aim to bring to comics that same grit and gristle that Hard Case Crime is famous for!"

"Before I became a mystery reader, I was a comic book fan – so the chance to expand Hard Case Crime into the world of comics is a dream come true," said Charles Ardai, winner of the Edgar, Shamus and Ellery Queen awards and editor of Hard Case Crime. "Hard Case Crime is already known for its sexy, stylish artwork, and the sharp, tough, high-velocity stories we tell are a natural for the medium."

This was just the right time for Titan Comics to refresh their offer with some alternative genres and from my point of view, Hard Case Crime is the best choice.

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