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Jump Aboard ‘Iron Tides’ – The Last Week of Kickstarter

Crash Wave Games' rogue-like tactical-survival game Iron Tides is in the last week of Kickstarter with 30% away from its goal. Featuring funky looking characters, the game will put you in the shoes of a viking chieftain, charged with commanding a loot-hungry warband. Wanna test it? No problem, team from Crash Wave Games have also released pre-alpha demo on their page for MAC and PC so grab it HERE.

According to the developer, the game is ruthless and they wanted to capture the essence of old viking ways(at least this is my opinion) so to make it out alive, you will have to make some tough choices such as to toss the wounded overboard to save your food, hack apart precious artifacts to make space for necessities, or bribe your way out from facing strong opponents. We suggest you to check out the demo and don't forget check their Kickstarter Campaign for more info.

Iron Tides will feature:

  • A world without end: procedurally generated oceans full of dangers and riches
  • Viking colonies: discover lost viking colonies to replenish your stocks, sell what you don’t need, and recruit fresh warriors
  • A place to call home: Return to Norhaven to celebrate your victories, purchase new wares and plan your next raid
  • Unique vikings: no two vikings are exactly alike as their skills are drawn from a pool of possible abilities and their upgrade path is procedurally generated
  • Permanent death for your crew: your lost warriors will not come back and help on the next raid

Official website:http://irontides.com

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