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Want to be a contributor?

Yes, we accept and we are looking for contributors, editors, writers, and those who think they can in any way help the development of our community. Guest Bloggers can advance to Contributor with time and that depends on material they send to us and number of articles they get published on Digital Riot. If you are wondering what you get with it, then here are a couple of things:

  • Meet with team work and cooperation in the group.
  • You get a note from us and skills needed for writing, editing, and working in a portal with dynamic content.
  • We give recommendations for the excellent work that you can attach to your resume.
  • Enhances your knowledge by exploring the Internet.
  • You get from us an official address with mail compartment and the status of contributor.

Do not hesitate to contact us, life is simple and if you want to succeed, you must accept the risk and it is the only way to start something.

Guest Blogging

We accept Guest Bloggers and welcome you to our team. If you already have your own blog or want to write than you are at the right place. For some, let's say, simple articles you can use the form below. If you have a larger article that contains images, then send us an email to However, you need to follow some simple rules:

  • Send us title of article.
  • Images must range from 500-1600 px width (don't send us too large or to small images).
  • Article must have 200 or more words.
  • Articles must be thematically related to the type of articles that are published on the portal Digital Riot.

Want to share news?

We're always looking for stories. The best way to send us news or interesting topic via address , from mass of mail that we receive, we can’t reply to, play or post about everything you send us, so please have understanding.

Site Support

If you have a suggestion, information related to the website, please send us! We like to get an extra boost or insight into the portal and how to improve it for you. Did someone do something naughty, like spam or ugly comments? Does a feature of the site not work?


Yes, it is possible to advertise with Us, please contact us for more information, we approach each client individually and try to help him to presented his product best way through the site. Possible creation of materials, dimensions of your choice but also we can turn down an offer if it, in any way disturb the normal page layout or normal content viewing. More on this topic

Something you want to report?

If you see irregularities, violations of the rules of any type, please contact us so that together we can come to a satisfactory solution. All material on this site is work of editors, contributors and sometime material can be taken from another source. We try to specify the source address, where is possible, also some articles have DOI (digital object identifier) in order to point source of study.