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‘Moon Shot’ Official Trailer for Google Lunar XPRIZE is Out

The Google Lunar XPRIZE competition, which started in 2007, will release a series of 9 digital documentaries directed by Orlando von Einsiedel, Executive Producer J.J. Abrams, Bad Robot, and Epic Digital. Entitled 'Moon Shot,' the Docu will go behind the scenes of each team and show their challenges, sacrifices, and the reasons why they’re making the 238,900 mile journey to the moon.(Scroll down for the trailer)

For newcomers, the mission of the GLXPRIZE is to find out a new affordable access to the Moon and Google will pay the winner $30 million. Right now, there are 16 teams in the game for the prize and those who want to win, must meet the mission requirements which are:

Landing – A team must land its craft on the surface of the Moon after providing advance notice of its launch and intended landing site to XPRIZE.

Mobility – After landing, a team must move its craft a distance of at least five hundred meters along the lunar surface along an interesting path in a deliberate manner. The distance can be a straight line or may be a series of waypoints approved by the Judging Panel.

Mooncasts – A team must transmit two “Mooncasts” from the surface of the Moon. The first Mooncast would be after lunar arrival and the second would be at the completion of the mobility requirements.  Each Mooncast must contain eight minutes of video in both high definition (720p) and near real time transmitted as high priority that can be in a lower resolution, a panoramic photograph to give a 360° view of the arrival or mission completion site, images showing a substantial portion of the craft and payload, and set of data provided by XPRIZE including a video and audio message, an email, and a text message. Prior to their launch the team must submit technical details of their mission for review by the Judging Panel.

Data Uplink – A team must transmit to the craft as much as one hundred kilobytes of data provided by XPRIZE and then retransmit that data from their craft back to Earth.

Payload – A team must carry a payload equal to 1% of the craft’s mass, but not more than 500 grams and not less than 100 grams. The payload will be provided by XPRIZE but the placement and design of the container will be mutually agreed upon via a payload placement plan provided by the team so that the payload provides minimal practical risk and interference with the mission.

Private Funding – A team must not get government funding in excess of 10% of its total mission cost. This limitation includes the value of in-kind support or as well as any discounts they receive on the value of services or hardware. In instances when the government purchases or provides services to a team at fair market value, those contributions would not count against the 10% cap.  To facilitate review of this requirement a team must submit financial statements to the Judging Panel.

Launch Contract – Teams have until the end of 2016 to announce a verified launch contract to remain in the competition and complete their mission by the end of 2017.

The series will be available for free on Google Play on March 15 and on YouTube on March 17. For more information, visit lunar.xprize.org.

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