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New Gameplay Video for MMO Shooter Shadowgun Legends

The new gameplay video has been unveiled for upcoming MMO Shooter Shadowgun Legends based on the demo shown at Gamescom 2016. Madfinger Games, who are also the team behind Dead Trigger 2 which has reached 100.000.00 downloads to date, have announced Shadowgun Legends few days ago and fast gain a lot of attraction all over the net. Well to be honest, the game would be pretty cool-looking on PC platform and consoles, but for the mobile game, this is impressive. Shadowgun Legends looks like a mix of HALO and Killzone, with smooth and reflective graphic and simple gameplay elements. This is certainly a game that FPS gamers should not overlook.

In a press statement, studio Head said: “Leading a studio where all four founders are also active developers in creating the gameplay, art and sound for Shadowgun Legends is remarkable in this industry.  I've never worked with a more passionate group of gamers.

Shadowgun Legends is the result of six years of experience building the industry's leading shooters.” said CEO, Cofounder, and Developer Marek Rabas. “We've taken all of the knowledge gained from our past titles, and honed it into our most ambitious project to date.


About Shadowgun Legends

The year is 2380. Humanity is on the brink of a grand new era. With Earth having been stripped of its natural resources, Toltech Enterprises and the other huge corporations have been funding colonization efforts across the galaxy. Many worlds have already been conquered and settled, the indigenous races subdued, and the new colonies established. Resources are now plentiful. With no rivals to threaten them, humans are free to flourish and expand.

Yet no peace lasts for long.

One by one, the human frontier worlds have fallen silent. The response teams sent to investigate never returned.In their arrogance, the humans dismissed the threat until it was too late. Now Humanity is engaged in a fight for the future of the entire species against the most powerful enemy ever faced.

The alien attack has been swift and brutal, with a tenacity and scale that has shocked the entire galaxy. Unprepared and under-equipped, the thinly-spread human military has been unable to hold ground against the unrelenting force of the enemy. Yet, all hope is not yet lost. The ShadowGun unit has reformed, determined to stand their ground, destroy the aliens, and have fun while at it. They are Humanity’s last hope.

Once dangerous mercenaries and bounty hunters, the ShadowGun name now stands for the most elite unit of badasses and daredevils in the galaxy. Whether you consider them patriots or fools, their diverse backgrounds bring together the skills needed to win this war. They have become the true champions of humanity. They have become Legends.

Check out the video below and leave us your thoughts.


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