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‘The Internet Ruined My Life’ is Greenlighted by Syfy

Syfy will start the production of six-part half-hour series based on the original script revolving around people who have in first-person experienced social media-obsessed world and how can a simple things like tweet change someone's entire life. The series entitled ‘The Internet Ruined My Life’ will be produced by Atomic Entertainment Group and Left/Right Production, exec producers are Jerry Kolber and Adam Davis for Atomic, and Banks Tarver and Ken Druckerman for Left/Right.

“With technology making it possible to communicate to anyone, anytime, from anywhere, what was once the stuff of science fiction is now an everyday reality,” said Heather Olander, senior vice president of alternative development and production at Syfy. “’The Internet Ruined My Life’ takes a look at the flip-side of today’s hyper-connected world, and reveals how easy it is to completely change your life in just one simple keystroke.”

Each episode will tell real-life stories of people who had a bad experience caused by seemingly simple post, tweet or picture uploaded to social networks. In one case, innocent tweet will cause two traveling friends to be suspected of potential terrorism, in another case, a profile picture got transformed into a hateful meme shared by hundreds of thousands and many other similar stories. In today exchange of information is very important but it is also important that they are protected. Social networks are one of the places where our personal data can be misused and this series is going to show us the horrors that can occur. 

The Internet Ruined My Life is set to premiere in early 2016. 

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